International Institute for Analytics’ five analytics predictions

Jan 10, 2017


By Nicole Laskowski, SearchCIO

As in the past, the IIA researchers have split their top 10 list into two parts — five analytics predictions, which focus on developments they expect to see in the next year, and five analytic priorities, “which is what analytics leaders and their organizations should have high on their agendas right now,” Robert Morison, lead faculty member at the IIA, said during a recent webinar.

Morison was joined by Tom Davenport, IIA co-founder and president’s distinguished professor of information technology and management at Babson College, and Dan Magestro, a former analytics practitioner at Cardinal Health, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Nationwide Insurance, who now leads research efforts at the IIA.

IIA’s five analytics predictions are as follows:

Prediction #1: Organizations will increase classification of cognitive tools across uses

Prediction #2: Analytics users will leverage large cloud vendors more prominently

Prediction #3: Managers will increasingly scrutinize model assumptions

Prediction #4: Analytics-specific chips will increase in availability and application

Prediction #5: Analytics groups will increasingly decentralize

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